Practice Areas

Real Property

S & W Attorneys can assist you in the preparation of deeds, easements, or other documents related to any real estate transaction. They can represent you in any type of real property dispute or real estate transaction.

Contract Disputes

S & W Attorneys can help you draft, rewrite, or review contracts. They can also represent you in contract disputes or litigation related to contracts.

Civil Litigation

S & W Attorneys can represent you in civil litigation and trial matters. We have tried and settled wrongful death, negligence, personal injury, civil rights, wrongful termination, divorce, and criminal cases.

Personal Injury

S & W can represent you in personal injury matters. We have tried and settled personal injury cases and will assist you at every stage of your case.

Probate Litigation

S & W can represent you in a contested probate matter.  We have successfully tried cases where there is a dispute with probate.